Product Advantage

     •   Has a spectral selectivity: Without any interference of radio signals,particularly satellite shortwave signal (GPS), whitout the shielding effect of metal film.

  • Save energy: Reduce the use of air conditioning load, energy saving, so as to achieve power saving effect.
  • Will not fade: Ceramic insulation film use inherent color of the ceramic, do not add any pigment.
  • Ceramic material isn’t easily oxidized: Ceramic material is chemically stable, not easily oxidized, good weather resistance.
  • Clear color: Transparent view, soft color, you can get comfortable visual effect.

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Product NameThickness(unit)VLTIRRURR
UV-1001.5 mil70%40%100%
UV-2001.5 mil70%40%100%
UV-3001.5 mil70%40%100%
UV-4001.5 mil70%40%100%
UV-5001.5 mil10%40%100%
UV-6001.5 mil20%40%100%
UV-7001.5 mil30%40%100%
UV-8001.5 mil15%40%100%
UV-9001.5 mil25%40%100%
UV-10001.5 mil35%40%100%
701001.5 mil70%90%100%
351001.5 mil35%90%100%
201001.5 mil20%90%100%
101001.5 mil10%90%100%
051001.8 mil5%90%100%
35100(THICKNESS)4 mil35%90%100%
20100(THICKNESS)4 mil20%90%100%
10100(THICKNESS)4 mil10%90%100%
05100(THICKNESS)4 mil5%90%100%


       The new nano-ceramic film uses nanoscale insulating oxide or nitride ceramic material combined with the optical grade PET substrate, it has a higher blocking ability for blocking infrared and ultraviolet light,and because of its non-metallic feature and feature of reducing both outer and inner reflective of the glass,it can create a comfortable environment. The physical and chemical stability,weather resistance, oxidation resistanca of the new nano-ceramic film material make life of the film longer.


  • senior housing, villas, houses, individual cottages, greenhouse glass, automotive, 24 hours self-service banking
  • museums, banks, universities, hospitals, government agencies, art galleries, schools, subway and other public facilities
  • government offices and intelligence agencies
  • airports, bus stations, railway stations and various convenience stores
  • jewelry stores, department stores, hotels, guest houses
  • the government and the military, police departments and a variety of dangerous places that possible terrorist attacks will occur
  • buildings with the possible threat of crime
  • kindergartens, classes and other child care related educational facilities
  • regions with muitiple variable rain, tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters

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