Specification: 1.524m * 30m
Transmittance: 35%
Infrared blocking rate: 67%
UV blocking rate: 99%
Internal reflection rate: 9%
External reflection rate: 13%
Shading coefficient: 0.43
Total barrier rate: 63%

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1. Multi-layer magnetron sputtering coating technology uniformly coats different micro-metals such as gold, silver, and titanium in the molecular state on the surface of polymer polyester PET substrate.
2. Its internal reflection is low, and there is no mirror effect at night, and the external reflection is slight.
3. The high blocking rate of infrared and ultraviolet rays, the unique magnetic control process maintains the stability of its blocking.
4. Its unique PET polyester molecular structure has almost no interference with mobile phones, GPS navigation, and fm audio signals.
5. Does not contain any dyeing ingredients, the surface is coated with a hard wear-resistant layer, and will never be oxidized.
6. Stable thermal insulation performance, natural metal color and comfortable vision.

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