nano film-XIR6595

Specifications: 1.524m * 30m
Transmittance: 70%
Infrared blocking rate: 91%
UV blocking rate: 99%
Internal reflection rate: 9%
External reflection rate: 10%
Shading coefficient: 0.47
Total barrier rate: 60%


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1. Spectral: No interference to radio signals, especially satellite short-wave signals (GPS), no metal film shielding effect
2. Energy saving: reduce the load of air conditioning and save energy. So as to save electricity and reduce consumption.
3. High heat insulation: up to 90% infrared blocking rate, keeping indoor temperature comfortable and pleasant.
4. Ceramic materials are not easy to oxidize: ceramic materials are chemically stable, not easy to oxidize, and have good weather resistance.
5. Clear color: The ceramic thermal insulation film has a transparent field of vision and a soft color, which can achieve a comfortable visual effect.
6. Not easy to fade: The ceramic heat insulation film adopts the inherent color of ceramics without adding any pigments.

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