Metal film-MG10KL


Specification: 1.524m * 30m
Transmittance: 12%
Infrared blocking rate: 82%
UV blocking rate: 99%
Internal reflection rate: 10%
External reflection rate: 18%
Shading coefficient: 0.35
Total barrier rate: 85%

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1. Vacuum metal film uses metal coloring technology to form a colored conversion film on the surface of metal materials and metal coatings (including non-metallic materials and metal coatings) through electrochemical and thermal processing methods.
2. This conversion film of vacuum thin metal film is attached to the PET substrate of polymer polyester material, which can prevent the oxidation of the film and prolong the service life.
3. Vacuum metal film can form colorful colors according to the different metals contained in its metal coloring.
4. The metal particles of the vacuum metal film are evenly distributed and have excellent thermal insulation properties.
5. Vacuum metal film adopts multi-layer ultraviolet filtering technology, and the anti-UV performance is as high as 99%.
6. The surface of the vacuum metal film has a uniform gloss and a clear line of sight. A dilute acid resin wear layer is added. During the construction period, no scratches are produced and the resistance is clear.

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